The New Hybrid Mercedes AMG C63 E Performance

The Mercedes AMG C63 has always been a car that is known for performance,luxury and sound. With the latest C63, Mercedes have thought about the future with the adoption of hybrid technology in the latest C63. The car features an inline 4 cylinder engine along with an electric motor to produce a whopping 680hp. This allows the vehicle to go from 0-100km/h in just 3.4 seconds. The car borrows the four wheel drive system from the AMG GT four door.Due to emission regulations and the introduction of OPF filters, the pure sound of the AMG engines is disappearing. However, there are enough new features to make your forget about the sound.

The interior cabin of the new Mercedes AMG C63 features new AMG bucket seats wrapped in nappa leather. There is also the use of carbon fibre trim throughout the interior of the vehicle. The exterior of the C63S E Performance is significantly different from the normal C class with an overall more aggressive look.

This vehicle is set to release in the next two years. If you are interested in purchasing a C63S or any other Mercedes , have a look at our collection by clicking the following link.

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