The New Bentley Batur

With a limited production of just 18 cars, the Bentley Batur is the latest vehicle to be released by Bentley. The Batur is the latest coachbuilt vehicle to be created by Mulliner. The Bentley comprises of a minimalistic sleek design that is truly unique. The entire car has been upgraded from the appearance to the power output produced by the engine. 

The Exterior

The Batur features an all new design for the front grille and headlights not used previously in a Bentley. Also, the rear end of the vehicle is more rounded over the standard Continental GT to improve airflow on the vehicle. This is Bentley's showcase of what the future may entail for the current fleet.

The Interior

The Bentley Batur features the use of sustainable materails throughout the interior cabin. There is the use of sustainable leather on the seats which are made from materials with a low carbon footprint. Traditional carbon fibre is also replaced with high performing composites that are made from flax which are more environmentally friendly than carbon fibre. 

The Performance

The Bentley Batur carries the largest engine available by Bentley which is the 6.0 L W12 engine. This engine has been upgraded to produce more power than the standard continental GT. It now produces 740 PS which is more than any other coachbuilt vehicle.

Keep an eye out for this vehicle on the road, this is truly a masterpiece created by Bentley.

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