Rolls Royce Wraith Black Arrow

Rolls-Royce has unveiled its final V12 coupe, the Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow. Only 12 units will be produced, each featuring unique cosmetic tweaks. This special edition is based on the Black Badge model.

The exterior body color is a mix of Celebration Silver to the front and Black Diamond at the rear. The paint took over a year months of testing and development before they achieved the desired result, making it one of the most complex finishes the firm has ever created. The Spirit of Ecstasy emblem also has a yellow ring at its base. The front bumper, wheels, and struts behind the radiator feature bright yellow inserts similar to those on the Wraith Landspeed Edition. Also, there is a yellow plaque inscribed with ‘Final Coupe Collection’ in black lettering on the engine cover.

The interior receives fresh colors and trim as well. The seats, steering wheel, dashboard, and door cards all receive bright yellow treatment with the seats covered in a new ‘Club Leather’ for a greater sheen to contrast the black interior. The dash includes unique artwork of the car’s V12 engine.

The Black Arrow pays tribute to Rolls-Royce’s past, with the clock in the dash noting the 357.497mph land speed record set by Captain George Eyston in 1938 with ‘Thunderbolt’ - a seven-tonne, eight-wheeled machine with two Rolls-Royce V12 engines. The headrests feature an arrow with an infinity symbol above it, and above the occupants is a headliner depicting the Milky Way with 2,117 fiber-optic lights, the same layout as the night sky over the Bonneville salt flats in Utah on the date of Eyston’s record.

The Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge Black Arrow is the ultimate collector's item for car enthusiasts who appreciate the brand's history and exclusivity. Stay tuned for more news on the Black Arrow and check out our exclusive Rolls Royce Collection to see more.




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