The Ferrari 296 GTS : The Latest Two Seater Berlinetta Spider

The Ferrari 296 GTS is the latest two seater berlinetta spider to be released from Ferrari. It is set to replace the now discontinued Ferrari F8 Spider. The Ferrari 296 GTS comes with the same hybrid V6 powertrain that is found in the Ferrari 296 GTB producing over 800 horsepower. Even though it is powered by a V6, the 296 GTS is said to be one of the most fun Ferraris in terms of its driving capabilities.  Ferrari aim to combat the added weight of the convertible roof by providing better aerodynamics to the car such as a more aggressive rear diffuser. The car is also available to purchase in the Assetto Fiorano Package whereby the car sits lower to the ground in order to improve handling around the track.

The interior of the Ferrari 296 GTS is stacked with technology including a digital drivers display, touch screens for climate control , passenger display and an interactive steering wheel. As standard in all Ferrari, there is the option to have the daytona or the carbon bucket seats depending on your preference. The central bridge in Ferrari vehicles have now been replaced with the H gate gear selector.

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