Rolls Royce Phantom Series II Extended

Rolls Royce have released the latest iteration of the Phantom which takes ultra luxury vehicles to a whole new level. The Rolls Royce Phantom Series II Extended has undergone a huge facelift to the interior and exterior of the vehicle. The exterior of this vehicle has been updated to provide a more futuristic look. The Phantom is the first model from Rolls Royce to receive the latest set of headlights with starlights embedded within them. This unique design is the first time being used in a roadworthy vehicle by Rolls Royce. A Black Edition is now available on the Phantom which replaces all chrome trims, front grille and Spirit of Ectasy with a black scheme.  The New Phantom also comes with two new wheel options for clients to choose from. One wheel options is a chrome finished monoblock wheel whilst the secondary option is a take on what future vehicles may look like. The interior front fascia receives an updated selection of Art Galleries aswell as new material and upholstery colour options for the Phantom. For the first time, green tones are now available to implement within the interior of the vehicle.

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