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The Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2, designed by the Ferrari Styling Centre, were unveiled at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Both models are open-top two-seaters barchetta, which aim to bring back the thrill of driving in its purest form. The driver sits alone at the wheel and there is no windscreen. Overall its a raw 'In your face' car.

The Monza SP2, an open-top two-seater barchetta, designed by the Ferrari Styling Centre, aims to bring back the thrill of driving in its purest form.

The stylistic concept of both cars reflects their exceptional performance attributes and extremely potent engine, as well as their status as some of the most exclusive cars ever produced by Ferrari. The Monza SP2 features an aerodynamic bodywork that was designed to achieve maximum stability at high speeds. The smooth lines of this particular model were penned by Pininfarina, who also designed some other renowned Ferraris such as the Dino and 308 GTB. However, there are several differences in terms of styling between this version and its predecessors. For example, while previous iterations had fixed headlights with round lenses (similar to those found on contemporary Porsches), this one has retractable ones instead. It also includes various vents along with spoilers on either side which are meant to improve aerodynamics even further – these parts were inspired by Formula One racers from that era such as McLaren F1 GTR Le Mans. To make the SP2 even sportier and more full-bodied, Ferrari has developed a new titanium exhaust system complete with bell channels. These are designed to produce a particularly sporty sound.


The Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2 are not only unique in terms of their performance, but also when it comes to their styling and the sound they make. The design of these cars is based on a very special project by Pininfarina that was never brought into production, but has now been immortalised in two very exclusive models that celebrate Ferrari's 70th anniversary. 

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