2023 KTM Brabus 1300 R SuperBlack

Brabus, a high-end German tuning firm renowned for transforming Mercedes’ road cars into high-performance, luxury vehicles, has joined forces with Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM to create a limited-run batch of special editions powered by the 1290 Super Duke R Evo. The Brabus 1300 R Edition 23, limited to just 290 units globally, has become a symbol of exclusivity and high-performance engineering in the motorcycle world.

A Symphony of Speed and Elegance

The Brabus 1300 R is not merely a motorcycle; it's a statement of power, performance, and luxurious features, symbolizing both elegance and speed. This vehicle is not merely a mode of transport but a nod to KTM's rich racing heritage and a tribute to its innovative spirit.

Exquisite Design and Powerful Performance

The Brabus 1300 R, based on the KTM 1290 Super Duke R, is a marvel of engineering and design, featuring the same 1301cc V-twin engine, producing a claimed 177bhp at 9500rpm and 103.3lbft of torque at 8000rpm. It also retains the same trellis chassis, single-sided swingarm, and subframe, but with a carbon-fibre seat unit similar to that used on the Super Duke RR, helping reduce the bike’s weight to 205kg including fuel.

The design sets the Brabus apart from its orange siblings, with swathes of carbon fibre and CNC machining going some way to justifying the monster price tag. This includes carbon air ducts, a new carbon headlight cover, and a fresh belly pan. The machined elements include the adjustable clutch and brake levers, plus the moveable foot pegs and reservoir caps. Each bike will also be numbered for authenticity.

Exclusivity at Exotic Cars Dubai

Exotic Cars Dubai is thrilled to announce that several of these rare gems are available for sale in Dubai, presenting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of automotive history. The Brabus 1300 R, with its limited availability, ensures its owner is part of an exclusive club of automotive connoisseurs, and now, residents and enthusiasts in Dubai have the chance to be part of this elite group.


The Brabus 1300 R is a testament to what happens when two giants from the automotive and motorcycling worlds collide. It’s a blend of raw power, exquisite design, and exclusive status, making it one of the most sought-after motorcycles in the world. For those in Dubai looking to make a bold statement with their vehicle, this Brabus is the ultimate choice, offering unparalleled performance and luxury.

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