The New McLaren GT

Grand Touring will never be the same again. The new superlight McLaren GT reimagines the breed. And the results are extraordinary. Strikingly beautiful. Engineered for continent-crossing capability. With an engaging yet comfortable ride. And generous luggage space…
In the new McLaren GT, these key ingredients are reinvented and applied in new, innovative ways. Then combined with power and performance that is undiluted McLaren. To create the lightest, quickest accelerating car in its class. A Grand Tourer has never been so thrilling. So refined. So engaging.

Time for what you love, space for what you need
The new McLaren GT’s sweeping, sculpted profile isn’t simply our interpretation of what a Grand Tourer can be. But what it should be. Driven by our ‘everything for a reason’ design philosophy. Fuelled by the spirit of innovation.
It starts at the core, with a bespoke MonoCell II-T carbon fibre chassis for maximum strength but minimum weight – perfect for touring with power, speed and efficiency. Our iconic Dihedral doors are unique in the class, too. While the car’s versatile, spacious and elegant form is a model of aerodynamic efficiency. This is a Grand Tourer designed for living. Not retiring.
Innovation, on tour.
The new McLaren GT is influenced by the classic proportions of a Grand Tourer. But our relentless dedication to innovation touches every element. Bucking tradition, it’s mid-engined. And built around a lightweight carbon fibre chassis. So unlike conventional Grand Tourers, it isn’t heavy and cumbersome. In fact, it’s hundreds of kilograms lighter than most. Which means it goes and handles like a true McLaren.

The innovations continue inside the cockpit. Where you’ll find our latest McLaren Infotainment System. A full length powered and glazed rear tailgate. An electrochromic panoramic roof that can provide five different levels of shade at the touch of a button. And hidden ambient lighting that adds stylish detail to the cabin. The new McLaren GT is packed with leaps forward. To take touring to whole new places.
The perfect companion
The new McLaren GT introduces our latest infotainment system. Powerful and intuitive, its fast, fluid touchscreens are a breath of fresh air ¬ with sophisticated graphics inspired by private jets rather than the automotive world. Information is always clear and restrained. Which makes it ideal for long journeys or night driving.

The whole experience is effortless, designed to feel as intuitive as using your tablet or smartphone. From the seven inch central touchscreen, you can control and tailor a host of technology and vehicle settings. Satellite navigation, Bluetooth, media streaming and digital radio are at your fingertips. So is the hidden-until-lit ambient lighting, dual zone climate control and air conditioning.
Different, from its very core
The bespoke carbon fibre MonoCell II-T chassis is unique in the world of Grand Tourers. It’s a maximum-strength, minimum-weight masterpiece that’s heavy on benefits. Inherently stiff and safe, it’s been created to provide real everyday usability.

In the upper structure, there’s a carbon fibre clamshell to accommodate the new spacious luggage bay. The innovative carbon fibre structure of the new McLaren GT truly pushes the spatial standards for a two seat, mid-engined Grand Tourer. Without compromising agility, performance or lightness.
Sometimes it’s better to see than be seen
The feeling of space is exceptional. You sense it the moment you climb into the new McLaren GT. The ambience is refined but uncluttered. You’re cocooned but never cramped. A sensation that’s amplified by a meticulously refined driving position, excellent visibility and slim windscreen pillars. This is dynamic elegance that’s worlds away from bulky, traditional Grand Tourers…

Of course, a real Grand Tourer accommodates your luggage without fuss. And here, the new McLaren GT surpasses its rivals. Unique to this model, the luggage bay is beautifully trimmed and big enough to swallow a variety of leisure equipment. And the front luggage bay takes a couple of overnight bags with ease.
Perfect proportions
It’s in the stance. And the dimensions. The new McLaren GT tells its story through sheer presence and balanced proportions. Longer than other McLaren models at almost 4.7m, the profile is shaped by more of a refined touch that tapers and flows – for aerodynamic efficiency, and to create space.

Distinctive lines draw your eye across the front and out to the prominent wings. The raised ground clearance makes manoeuvring over tricky obstacles a breeze. While higher air intakes allow for slimmer duct openings. In nature, as in McLaren design – what looks beautiful so often works beautifully too.

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