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Established in 2003, Exotic Cars is one of the pioneers and leading car dealerships for brand new and used luxury and sports cars in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With over 300 vehicles in stock across 4 different branches in Dubai, Exotic Cars can provide you with the most suitable vehicle that is tailored for your needs. Browse through our extensive range of new and used cars from top renowned brands including Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferrari and many more.

Each car is thoroughly inspected, evaluated, and then included in our listings to provide our valued customers with a hassle-free experience. This inspection process is just one of many services carried out by our teams in Exotic Car Clinic and Exotic Cars Garage.

Exotic Cars also facilitate car trade-in. Choose from our existing fleet of luxury cars for sale in Dubai and replace your vehicle in an easy way. You can sell your used car to us or request one that isn’t included in our inventory. At Exotic Cars, we are committed to offering the best experience to our customers, and our quality of services reflect just that. In the span of over 18 years, we have evolved into the largest and most client preferred distributor of luxury vehicles in the Middle East.

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