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2023 Brute Jeep Wrangler Rubicon in Sardinia Blue | Exotic Cars Dubai

Embark on a journey of luxury and power with Exotic Cars Dubai, the authorised dealer of Brute Jeeps in the United Arab Emirates. Renowned for their exceptional customisation and unparalleled performance, Brute Jeeps stand as a beacon of automotive excellence. In this blog post, we explore the exquisite features of these customised marvels, each built upon the formidable 2023 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392.

The Base: 2023 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392

At the core of every Brute Jeep is the robust 2023 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392. Equipped with a 6.4L V8 engine, it boasts over 450 horsepower. The vehicle offers a seamless driving experience with its 8-speed automatic transmission and reliable four-wheel drive. As a Wrangler Rubicon, it comes laden with numerous standard options, setting a high standard for luxury and performance.

Brute Customisation: A Symphony of Elegance and Power

Beyond the standard excellence of the Wrangler Rubicon, Brute Jeeps introduces a world of customisation that transforms every aspect of the vehicle, from the interior to the exterior. Currently, Exotic Cars Dubai is proud to showcase three distinct Brute vehicles, each with its unique character and style.

Brute Vehicle 1: Elegance in Sardinia Blue

  • Exterior: A captivating Sardinia Blue.
  • Interior: Luxurious Nappa Creme.
  • Custom Features:
    • Brute 20" Wheels in matching Sardinia Blue.
    • Upgraded Door Handles and Mirrors.
    • Electric Sidesteps for ease of access.
    • Brute Performance seats with exquisite diamond stitching.
    • A full Leather interior for unmatched comfort.
    • Roll bar painted in a harmonious creme.
    • And much more, enhancing both aesthetics and performance.

Brute Vehicle 2: The Sophistication of Cool Brownstone

  • Exterior: Sophisticated Cool Brownstone.
  • Interior: BRUTE Castagna diamond, a testament to luxury.
  • Custom Features:
    • Brute 20" Wheels in Cool Brownstone.
    • Performance pack 1 in High Gloss black.
    • BRUTE Performance exhaust tips 392.
    • Electric Sidesteps.
    • Brute Performance seats with diamond stitching.
    • Full Leather interior with UPLPP: Leather Pack plus.
    • Steering wheel in Thickened Black leather.
    • Alcantara gearbox covers and handbrake handle.
    • UPVS: Ventilation rings & Steering wheel frame in satin black.
    • And much more, ensuring a unique and luxurious driving experience.

Brute Vehicle 3: The Boldness of BRUTE Aspen Bronze Satin Matt

  • Exterior: Bold BRUTE Aspen Bronze Satin Matt.
  • Interior: Elegant BRUTE Black Nappa diamond.
  • Custom Features:
    • BRUTE Wheels 20" in High Gloss black.
    • Electric sidesteps in exterior colour.
    • Upgrade Mirrors & Doorhandles.
    • Paintwork Tailgate fortifier 392.
    • BRUTE performance seats diamond.
    • Ventilation rings & Steering wheel frame.
    • Lower door panels in black alcantara.
    • Alcantara Pack Plus with roof panels in black alcantara.
    • And more, defining a new standard in custom luxury vehicles.


Exotic Cars Dubai invites you to experience the pinnacle of automotive customisation and performance with our exclusive range of Brute Jeeps. Each vehicle is a masterpiece of design and engineering, promising not just a drive but an adventure. With Brute Jeeps, you don't just own a car; you own a statement of individuality and power. Visit us to witness these marvels of automotive art and redefine your driving experience.

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